iClipboard 3.0.6

Copy and paste the Leopard way


  • Nice design
  • Set limits to clipboard history
  • Preview clippings
  • One click actions


  • Crashed repeatedly

Not bad

iClipboard is a copy and paste manager specifically built for Mac.

During our tests, the application repeatedly crashed so we could not evaluate it properly, however we can give you a bit of information on its features. iClipboard offers a sleek interface, truly built for Leopard and enjoyable to the eye. You can preview items and even add notes to them.

Usability seems to be one of the main worries of the developer, and you can effectively copy, paste, turn the clipboard on/off or clear the history in one click. We liked the idea of setting limits in quantity and date to the clipboard as this ensures you have a manageable amount of clips to work with. To organize your elements, iClipboard structures them in projects, which you create. You'll also be able to set the sounds the application makes when cutting and pasting elements.

It's a shame that iClipboard didn't work properly as the application really looks promising. We hope the issues will be fixed soon.

A promising copy and paste application for Leopard, iClipboard still remains very unstable.

Fixed problem where clippings weren't always displayed in sorted order in Shelf


  • Fixed problem where clippings weren't always displayed in sorted order in Shelf

iClipboard is the ultimate clipboard manager. It keeps a history of everything you copy to the clipboard from any application. When you need to go back and paste a clipping from the history, iClipboard appears from the side of your screen so you can preview and paste any clipping—you're no longer limited to pasting just the last thing copied to the clipboard.


  • Automatic clipboard history can be limited by quantity or date
  • Unobtrusive history shelf slides out from side of screen
  • Preview clippings (rich text, images, movies, web, audio. files, etc.)
  • Quick Look previews show contents of files
  • Store clippings in unlimited projects you create
  • Copy content from any application with one click
  • Paste a clipping into any application with one click
  • Clear the history at any time with a single click
  • Turn ON/OFF the clipboard recorder with one click
  • Ignore clippings larger than a user-specified size
  • Delete individual clippings from the history
  • Edit text clippings directly from the iClipboard shelf
  • User-defined sounds for grabbing and pasting
  • Captures the document and application the clipping came from

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iClipboard 3.0.6

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